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There are various things you could do to help the clients of LexRAP.

Contact Naomi Rosenthal to volunteer to help make the Hand in Hand Café a community event to be held at First Parish a success! (Email

Contact Ingrid Klimoff to volunteer to help with the Redeemer Pancake Breakfast (a fund raiser) or to help with the Spring Dinner at Hancock Church. (email Ingrid at )

Contact Barbara Freedman to volunteer to help with the monthly Lunch in Lowell at the IINE (International Institute of New England). ( Sandy Gardiner ( will be helping with the preparation of food at Barbara Freedman’s house (29 Phinney St. on Tues. Feb. 26) . A different organization is going in March. In April we will be going on Tuesday April 23rd. Save the date!

Contact if you are a knitter and would like to knit hats for our 26 children!

Sandy Gardiner