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Update and Call For Participation
Mission: Cambodia

I am happy to report that Cambodian Cocoon has completed eight water wells donated by Pilgrim. Each of these wells will provide fresh water for up to 4 families from now on. This is a gift which will keep on giving for a very long time. Thank you Pilgrim Mission Committee and generous donors for your support for these wells.

Also Pilgrim members Dick Edmiston and Elizabeth Chen will travel to Cambodia November 9-16, 2019, to participate in deliveries of food, clothes, books, and water filters to rural areas. They hope to visit one or two of the Pilgrim-sponsored water wells. They expect to meet with Tok Vanna and his teen age daughters whom Pilgrim has helped with school expenses and a laptop computer. You might recall that Mr Vanna lost both hands to a land mine years ago. He supports his family by selling books from a cart in Siem Reap, but needs extra help to get his two daughters through high school.

Finally, we have reserved a small number of “slots” so other Pilgrim members can join in this service trip. If you are interested, Dick Edmiston will be available to answer any questions at coffee hour Sunday, September 15. Be aware that we must provide the names of all Pilgrim participants by September 30, 2019. If you are interested, speak up quickly!

Dick Edmiston

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