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Looking Ahead to Lent-Easter

Lent is an important season of reflection, repentance and spiritual renewal. We engage with Lent in many different ways and I'll share more about that next month. For now, here is an abbreviated look at what is coming up in Lent.

Sunday March 3, 10:30am: Holy Hilarity Sunday--this isn't technically in Lent but is a service of joy, festivity, and laughter ahead of the more serious season ahead. Karen will share her annual sermon of jokes and we'll enjoy this time of carnival before Lent

Wednesday March 6, 7pm: Ash Wednesday service--a service that puts us face to face with our doubts and failings, and with the reality of mortality. It is a time of contemplation and setting the tone for the work of the Lenten journey.

Sunday April 14, 10:30 am: Palm-Passion Sunday--we welcome Jesus with palms and journey with him through the ups and downs of Holy Week leading to Good Friday ((Thursday April 18 Early Christian Meal--last year Pilgrims gathered to eat an Early Christian meal together, featuring foods common to the Middle East of the time. Do Pilgrims want to try this again??))

Thursday April 18: Maundy Thursday--this Tenebrae service traces Jesus' last meal with his disciples, his long night of trials and suffering and his last commandments to his disciples. The service ends in darkness yet with a flame of hope.

Sunday April 21, 10:30am: Easter Sunday--we celebrate resurrection and the victory of love over hate, and life over death. An Easter egg hunt happens on the front lawn!

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