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Prayer for the Day

Each day this week, I will invite you to give thanks for a blessing of home, and to pray for those in need.

Today I invite you to give thanks for the bed that you sleep in and pray for a restful night.

In the morning, you might pray:

Friday E-Notes and Prayer for the Day
Meditation and Prayer for the Day

(Once or twice a week we'll be posting audio of these meditations. Today's can be found here:

We are so thankful that the space at 55 Coolidge Ave is used by so many community groups.

Here are some dates you might want to put on your calendar now!

The Mission Committee will be collecting NEW SOCKS for the outdoor Church at the Movie Night at 3pm on Sunday March 22.

Our Council asked member Taylor B. to share this word at our 2020 Annual Meeting. We want to be clear: this Open and Affirming Congregation welcomes folks who are transgender or identify as gender non-binary.

We are in the early stages of imagining an intergenerational retreat Friday, May 8 and Saturday, May 9.