Children & Youth Offerings

Pilgrim Church School is deeply rooted in the greater mission of Pilgrim Church UCC. We provide a welcoming home for children, parents, and volunteers looking to continue their faith journey. Striving to put faith in action, we work hard to explain faith through hands-on learning and mission opportunities for all ages. As our world and community are constantly evolving, Pilgrim Church School is always exploring new and innovative ways to truly teach God’s word.

For infants and children through age three, we offer nursery care with our Nursery Care Provider, Karen Hurley. The nursery is available fifteen minutes before the service each week, and silent pagers are given to parents so they may be notified if their child is in need. We also offer a family area...

Pilgrim Church School explores the most innovative ways to bring faith to life for our students. The Spark: Activate Faith curriculum uses a dynamic set of workshops to explore multiple Bible lessons throughout the year. Each month we begin with a different story that children will learn about for three consecutive weeks.

The Confirmation class meets every other year and is open to 8th, 9th, and 10th grade students. The program is led by the Pastor and Youth and Christian Education Director. We follow the UCC Confirmation Curriculum, Affirming Faith, and meet at least twice a month to learn and grow together, building strong relationships as we experience what it means to be Christians in community.

For our students that have been confirmed in past years, we offer a monthly meeting time to bond in fellowship outside of worship. These meetings are fellowship based to meet the needs of today’s youth. High school is often stressful and confusing.  Our youth group offers a safe haven to discuss difficult topics and experience new adventures with friends.

Adult volunteers are vital to the life and ministry of the Church School.  There are also many ways you can help!

Become a teacher or assistant teacher Serve on the Educational Ministries Committee Prepare food for special occasions  Share music, art or other talents