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Esperanza-Hope for the Children

Mission work in Flores, Honduras through Esperanza-Hope for the Children is enthusiastically supported by our church. One of our Member families has been doing medical mission work for years and Pilgrims often accompany them to Honduras and donate items during the year, including clothing and school supplies. We also have a Book Sale every spring to collect money for various projects in Flores.

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Honduras Happenings
Posted: Sep 16 2016 - 12:03pm

We will be returning to Honduras next week for the dedication of the well in the barrio of Mira Flores. On September 1, 2015 two brothers, Hector and Cesar (12 and 8) from this neighborhood were killed crossing the highway which runs through Flores, on their way to school. This same neighborhood has no access to "potable" water and people have to cross the highway every day for this basic necessity. Tom and I were determined to give this community clean water so that others didn't have to risk their own lives, and to honor Hector and Cesar. The dedication of the well will take place on Saturday, September 24th.

Our next project will be working with the Allison Cancer Center in Comayagua. This center provides free consultations (general medicine, psychology, and nutrition) to patients before and after chemotherapy treatment. They also offer spiritual services, clinical exams, imaging, radiology and dentistry. We have received over $20,000 worth of medicine, medical and dental supplies and will be giving the majority of the supplies to this center and the remaining to the Centro de Salud (Health Center) in Flores.

Certainly we'll be thinking of the Pilgrim community during the well dedication and working at the cancer center. Just as Hector and Cesar motivated us to build the well, our many friends both at Pilgrim and beyond who are battling cancer will be inspiring us to make a difference for patients in Honduras.

Thank you for your spiritual and financial support.

Tom & Emily Collins