In the UCC, we are symbolically one with Christ in the Sacrament of Baptism.  Baptism with water and the Holy Spirit is the mark of a person’s acceptance into the care of Christ’s church, the sign of their participation in God’s forgiveness, and the beginning of their growth into the Christian faith. 

At Pilgrim we initiate the newly baptized into the faith and family of Pilgrim Church and the church universal.  In this sacrament, we commend the baptized child or adult to God and promise to love and nurture and support his or her Christian faith journey. 

This is a blessed day of covenant - a sign of God's saving and enduring covenant with us all.  We proclaim that we depend on one another and on God above all. Pilgrim baptizes people of all ages during our regular Sunday worship service.

Please do not hesitate to speak with the Pastor about baptism.


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