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Each week, a member of the congregation donates the altar flowers for Sunday's church service. Many people choose a date to give the flowers that is, for them, a special time of celebration or remembrance. Our church secretary, Diane Blair, keeps the list of donors and makes the arrangements with Wilson Farms for the delivery of the flowers.

You can let Diane know if you would like to give the flowers and what date you prefer ( Alternatively, you can speak to Beth Kurth at coffee hour or email her and she will pass the information along to Diane.

Usually, the donors take the flowers home after the service. Alternatively, the flowers can be left to be delivered to a homebound friend.

The cost of the flowers is a very reasonable $40; to pay for them, make a check out to Pilgrim Church with "altar flowers" on the memo line, and either put it in the offering plate or mail it to the church. Giving flowers is a wonderful way to contribute to the beauty of our church service.